What is Miscarriage?

An Unfortunate loss before 24 completed weeks of pregnancy is known as pregnancy loss or miscarriage. This tragic loss affects the woman the most as it is most frustrating period of her married life as it cause both mental and physical pain. The Symptoms of miscarriage are bleeding and cramps in the lower abdomen. Miscarriage can occur due to baby’s genes irregularities. Termination of Pregnancy may be occurring due to cervix, diabetes mellitus, or any serious medical history.

Miscarriage Cases!

After one time loss woman can get pregnant again. But in Some Cases of Recurrent Miscarriage, this pregnancy loss occurs multiple times further cause genetic abnormalities. There are a number of possible miscarriages such as Threatened miscarriage, inevitable abortion, complete abortion, incomplete abortion, septic abortion, missed abortion. All these terms related to the condition of fetus in the womb. If a pregnant woman fell slight cramps and bleeding it is known the threatening situation, medications can reverse this situation and secure pregnancy. But in case of inevitable abortion, if pregnant woman feels intense cramps and bleeding with the opening of the cervix, the fetus may pass out. To avoid septic abortion, the risk of serious infection, there should not be any tissue left.

How to avoid Miscarriages!

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