Male Investigations

Investigations for Male

Due to poor lifestyle habits, Radiation, Cigarette smoking, pollution, frequent sex, stress, poor diet cause some abnormalities. These abnormalities can be absence of semen or sperm, low semen volume, low sperm count, poor sperm motility, and Teratozoospermia that cause Infertility.

To diagnose the exact problem of Infertility, you have to go through some tests that doctor will prescribed after asking questions related to your intercourse and others at IVF Centre in Jalandhar. The questions are necessaries because Hormonal Factors, Physical Factors and Psychological factors play significant roles in fertility.

The Following Tests are needed to do under the guidance of doctors.

  • Semen Analysis, to know the semen parameters or sperm count. (Computer assisted semen analysis)
  • Seminal Plasma biochemical Test
  • Microorganism tests to find if there is any serious infection that is causing infertility
  • Blood Test to know genetic causes of Infertility
  • Other tests such as SQA-V (Sperm Quality Analyzer), ISAS (Integrated Semen Analysis System), Sperm Class Analyzer, IVOS (Integrated Visual Optical System), CEROS Sperm Analyzer needed to be done if doctor prescribe them.

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