IVF Guide (Step by Step)

IVF Guide Step by Step – IVF Treatment in India

Dr. Jasmine Kaur is expert in handling IVF & Endoscopic Reproductive Surgery and has a successful career experience of 5000 IVF Cycles and 1900 IVF Babies and the counting is still on.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) Procedure, the Egg is fertilized by the sperm in test tube under Controlled laboratory Environment. When patients come to us, with the Infertility Problem, we, IVF Clinic in India, handle the case in a systematic way.

Approach to IVF Treatment –

  • First of all, IVF Clinic in India Provide Counseling from the expert doctor to the couples who are having difficulty in achieving a pregnancy. We listen and discuss the problems such as if you are taking any birth control pills, about your menstrual cycle, other problems you are facing.
  • Secondly, we do some tests to investigate the cause of male or female infertility, we diagnose with ultrasound scan, Laparoscopy, Test to check Blood Hormone level or any other necessary tests under the guidance of expert doctors. Ovarian monitoring is the next step in which you need to take shots for about a week or 10 days regularly. We will teach you how to inject yourself.
  • Then, Final Oocyte Maturation is the next step and Egg Retrieval process starts after the Final Oocyte Maturation. Last but not the least we do Egg Fertilization, in this we inject a single sperm in the egg directly

We, Dr. Jasmine Kaur, start effective treatment without blowing your budget and also give advice about general health and preconception health at the same time. Dr. Jasmine kaur has been providing successful IVF treatment for many years to the couples who were not able to conceive a baby. Now, after receiving the IVF Treatment they are blessed with baby and are happy in life, all thanks to Test Tube Baby Centre India expert Dr. Jasmine Kaur. Get the complete IVF Guide here. You can be the next happy couple that can enjoy the happiness and joy of Parenthood.