General Causes

General Causes

Infertility in Male and Female can cause many problems in married life; it can lead your marriage to divorce if you are affected by the Infertility. But you don’t need to worry now as Dr. Jasmine Kaur, IVF Hospital in Jalandhar and IVF Clinics in Punjab, is here to provide effective treatment to reverse Infertility. You can also live a normal happy life and can enjoy the parenthood.  Let’s understand the Causes of Infertility –

 General Causes of Male Infertility

What is Male Infertility – A Condition in which a Man is not able to make a fertile woman pregnant. Infertility occurs due to many conditions.

 Causes of Male Infertility– Male Infertility can occur due to Low Sperm Production also known as Oligospermia in Medical terms, Poor Semen Quality also known as Testicular Factors, due to drugs intake ( Pretesticular Causes), Strenuous riding, Total  lack of semen ( Aspermia), absent of sperm cell in semen (Azoospermia), Teratospermia, and Asthenozoospermia.

Other Factors that cause Male Infertility are – Factors that, in turn, affect the semen quality – blocked organ of reproductive system, retrograde ejaculation, and low level of testosterones, serious medical conditions, sedentary lifestyle, Malnutrition, and any Trauma can cause low semen quality. Age is the other factor of this condition.

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General Causes of Female Infertility

What is Female Infertility – A Condition in which a woman is not able to conceive and bear a Child. Today’s Life is filling with hassle and vassal and late marriages or other conditions becomes the factor of Infertility in women.

Much less commonly, specific diseases of the pituitary, usually associated with other hormone deficiencies or with excess production of prolactin, may be the cause.

Polycystic ovary syndrome –In This Condition due to overproduction of male hormones, complex changes in ovulation occurs.

Premature ovarian failure – It results in the loss of the eggs in the ovary, as well as in decreased estrogen production.

Other Causes – Hypothalamic dysfunction, Premature ovarian failure, Excess quantities of prolactin, fallopian tube damage, pelvic inflammatory disease, tuberculosis of pelvic, extra growth of tissues in the uterus, cervical issues are the other causes of Female Infertility..

You can recognize the Infertility symptoms. If you are having periods with a gap of 35 days or fewer gaps of 21 days than you tend to have infertility. No periods at all also cause infertility.

You need to ovulate – Achieving pregnancy requires that you’re having regular menstrual cycles during which an egg is released, a process known as ovulation. Your doctor can help evaluate your menstrual cycles and confirm ovulation.

Your partner needs Checkup – In Some cases, your partner’s sperm (low or poor quality) becomes the problem. You need to meet the doctor for check up

You need to have regular intercourse – You need to have regular sexual intercourse during your fertile time. Your doctor may be able to help you better understand when you’re most fertile during your cycle.

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