Age & Infertility

What is Infertility?

Inability of Married couples to conceive a baby is known Infertility. It is such an Unfortunate Situation for the couples. There are a number of reasons of Infertility and the age is one of them.

What is the relationship of Infertility with the age?

As you can see due to life’s hassle and vassal, delayed child bearing is common these days. After a stable relationship people want financial security these days so that they can afford every facility then they think about bearing a child. People are broad minded these days and the trend of late marriages and second marriages are common also. However, pregnancies when woman reached at age 50 and plus fifty are reported time to time; the ability to achieve a pregnancy weakens, with the increasing age.  The high risk of miscarriage is additionally redoubled with the aging of women such as the danger of miscarriage at age twenty five to twenty nine years remain at its fullest, whereas the danger at the age of 40-44 remains thirty-four percent only. The decline of fertility is gradual over the generative lifetime of the woman; it’s significantly recognizable over the age of thirty to thirty five and forty. So, the fertility chances remains nearly zero by the age forty five. Moreover, AMA (stands for advanced maternal age) is considered the high risk of chromosomally abnormal offspring.

Relation of declined fertility with increasing age!

As the age of a lady increase, Aging of the ovaries also become noteworthy issue and as a component of the normal changes of age affects all the organs and tissues. Almost all the ladies have concerning three hundred eggs in their ovaries at time of their Puberty. Only Five Hundred eggs left for the body to observe while the remaining eggs discharged from the women’s body throughout the menstrual cycle. At the age of fifty to fifty-five, woman face menopause and at that time solely some thousands eggs remained. Because when the female ages, the eggs that are remained in the ovaries additional age at the same time that means creating them less able for fertilization and embryos able to less implanting.

  • Higher risk of DNA molecule of the genetic material of an organism is the next possibility of Fertility like Down syndrome with the increasing age. Among five-hundred girls of 20 years old, only 1 girl has the risk of this disease. On the other hand at age 45, only 1 lady among twenty may tend to have genetic abnormalities.
  • Other Gynecological and ovulation problems extend with the age, because when the lady gets older, she contains longer time to develop these conditions that can directly affect on her fertility.
  • The affects on endometrial receptivity is also recognizable,. There’s a proof that the receptiveness decreases as the age increases.
  • Ageing does affect both men and women at some point. In men, aging affects sperm that can cause Infertility.
  • Advanced maternal age also increase the chance of other serious and debatable genetic disease.
  • With the age, sexual function also affects in a negative way and libido got affected in this situation.

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